Divorce Services we have to offer:

With years of experience we know firsthand the effect a divorce can have on you, but not only you and your partner but also to children that is involved.
Divorce Specialist can assist with uncontested or contested Divorces. So let us help you limit the stress a divorced can put on you and your family!
We assist and represent both Male’s and Female’s in divorce proceedings, either in the capacity of the Plaintiff or the Defendant. Factors to take into account include the type of divorce procedure to be followed (defended/undefended), the parties’ marital regime, fixed assets, movable assets, liabilities and children.

When there is children involved:

Divorce Specialist offer assistance to parties wishing to amend their settlement agreement with regards to the children after the divorce matter has been finalized. Although not always possible, it might be a quicker and more cost effective approach.

Where do we do our Divorces?

All divorces are done at a High Court of South Africa. 

The Divorce Process:

If you and your partner have agreed on the terms of your divorce it is called an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce normally goes very smooth and can be completed much faster than a contested Divorce. You can start the process by completing the necessary divorce application form whereby we will guide you through the whole process. With uncontested divorces there is no need for a complex and drawn-out divorce!!

Yes it is that simple…